Monday, June 13, 2011

chicken caesar salad

There's nothing worse you can get a restaurant than a salad, usually. They are normally coated with fat-filled cheese, fried chicken, fried bread (croutons)... yeah you'd think they're baked the way you are supposed to make croutons, and the list goes on. You get fat free dressing you say? You're doing yourself more harm than good. You eat that fat free junk and your system starts to believe everything you eat that tastes like fat or sugar doesn't need to be broken down and worked out the way real fat and sugar do, because your body gets used to not having to break down the calories. So yeah, you're doing much more harm than saving yourself a few calories.

So here's a great salad for you salad lovers:

spinach or any other leafy greens
chopped cucumbers and carrots
roasted and pulled chicken
grated asiago and parmesan cheese (not much)
home-made caesar dressing

Throw it all together and wa-lah you have a great salad. If you want, you can even toss the chicken in some hot sauce first to give it a little kick. That's some salad flair for you :)

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