Tuesday, September 27, 2016

ZONEd In. Day 2.

More excuses I come across often for not losing the weight is that they either have PCOS, Hypothyroidism, Chronic Fatigue, IBS, Anxiety, and/or Joint Inflammation. First of all, I have PCOS and Hypothyroid.... key there is balanced nutrition and a healthy exercise regimen. For the others, exercise and good nutrition will treat (maybe not totally cure) those conditions!

If you want to look up the zone blocks for yourself, check out https://library.crossfit.com/free/pdf/cfjissue21_May04.pdf

Basically, you can look at your t-shirt size, and figure out what you are. Small shirt size on a female? Small female block chart. However, I am marathon training and breastfeeding, so I am going with medium.... and will probably up it to large female (even though I'm a size 0/2 almost 5'3) because no matter how much fat I add it's not keeping my stomach from feeling like it's going to implode.

Also, for supplements, I'm taking a prenatal, Vitamin D/Calcium/Magnesium, probiotics, and DHA.

Breakfast: eggs, banana, strawberries, bacon
Snack: Arbonne chocolate protein, spinach, almond milk, peanut butter
Lunch: rotisserie chicken, watermelon, kimchee
Snack: coffee with gelatin and MCT oil, mini blueberry muffin
Dinner: burger salad, peppers and mushrooms, sweet potato fries

3:00 PM Family bike ride
4:30 PM crossfit

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