Friday, March 25, 2011

killer training... ending it with a bang

My legs are still in pain from my hardcore leg workout on Tuesday, but I figure it's been a few days so I should be able to handle another leg workout today. The stronger my legs are, the more they can handle at the half marathon sneaking up so quickly in two weeks.

I have never been so un-trained for a race before. Well, I was incredibly un-trained for my first half marathon three years ago, which is why I did so badly. The good thing is, I am in three times the kind of shape I was in back then, so I can at least handle this race. My hubby on the other hand... well I feel pretty bad for him. On submarines it is nearly impossible to train for any kind of race, or any kind of athletic event for that matter. He is the kind of person who hates to be less than 100% for anything, but the terrific runner that he is will still finish in around the same time I will finish even though he has run maybe three times total in the past year.

Anyway, after my 45 minutes long leg and shoulder workout today, I will go hit the hills at Mt. Trashmore. Jake and I are running the best half marathon ever in my opinion, the 2nd annual Outer Banks Flying Pirate Half Marathon. The race is so scenic, some of it slightly on trail, winding through the Wright Brother's Museum, then just as you think you've only got a short 20 minutes to go, you end up running on HUGE man-made hills that make you want to simply roll down that final incredibly large hill into the finish line. Last year, I was in great shape, at the end of my training for the White Lake Half Ironman. I ran an average of a 7:50 pace throughout the entire half, until I hit the last 3 miles and I slowed up to probably about a 9 minute mile or so due to those crazy hills that made me motion-sick. In order to deter the whole sickness, I am running a 30 minutes loop around Mt. Trashmore then ending the run with 20 minutes of simply running up and over the hills several times. Finishing your running workouts with the toughest part at the end is the best way to train for any endurance event, especially if that event has you ending your race with the most difficult barriers.

Let's just say I might end up crying during my run today, considering how little I have run this year. What keeps me going is the knowledge that my always-willing husband will be running alongside me during the race, in much worse condition than myself, all the while not showing his lack of condition whatsoever, well, besides his red face and mouth hanging open. It's all for fun!

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