Friday, February 18, 2011

Curry me happy

As you all know since I say it all the time, I hate veggies. I can't eat artificial crap because I just can't digest it. I have a super busy life. I love foods so hot they set my mouth on fire. Because of all this, I love this curry.

My mom used to make me Golden Curry pretty often, since she could disguise the veggies and meat with the thick and tasty sauce. This jar of curry is my grown up, healthy version of that box of curry my mom would make for my brother and I. This jar was only $4.29 at Farm Fresh, and you can prepare it in 10 minutes. You simply add the veggies and meat or whatever you want. I use shrimp or chicken and add mushrooms, spinach, onions, garlic, red peppers and carrots. You can do whatever you want with this. I am so happy I stumbled across this jar of goodness, mostly just to show you guys something wonderful you can make in a hot minute when you really don't feel like cooking because you've worked a 15 hour shift and need to go work out for an hour. You can even cut all your veggies up the night before, put in the fridge, and pull it out and dump it in when you get home from work. Walah. Easy! I believe this brand also comes in coconut, and a mild version... if you have a gluten intolerance, make sure to check the other labels because this is the only one I know for sure to be gluten free.

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