Sunday, February 6, 2011

it's never too late, to run big

I have the Virginia is for Lovers 14k coming up, this upcoming Saturday. The only thing is, I haven't had a single long run in... I don't know... months? So this morning I decided to do one first and final long run before the race. I stepped outside armed with my Nike + gear and my husband on the bike next to me. We were sort of planning on just doing the 3 mile loop we usually do when we don't feel like going all the way out to Seashore or to Mt. Trashmore. However, at the 2/3 point, there is an entrance into the next neighborhood over, which would tack on another 3 miles at least...we weren't sure. I was feeling pretty good, so we headed for the entrance and just kept on going. I love the Nike+ pace calculator watch a little more so than my Garmin, simply because I'm not checking my pace every minute. I thoroughly enjoy counting down the miles instead, because I surprise myself on each run at how long I can actually last.

I ran fresh to the finish. My numbers? 5.69 miles in 44:19. That's an average of 7:47 per mile pace! Sure, that's not very fast and certainly not very far, but hey, at least I know I can at least hold a sub 8 mile pace for the 14k next weekend. Bring. It. On. 

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