Tuesday, February 15, 2011

this for that. no excuses!

Speaking for myself, I know I get cravings for things that will blow my entire day's worth of calories, and then some. At times, I will get the urge to have a cup of Coldstone ice cream. Now that that craving only occurs once in a while, I will get it and not feel guilty. When I say once in a while, I mean once a month I will have this need to get some creaminess, not once every week or every few days. For those of you who haven't gotten your cravings to stop occurring every day or once a week, here are some pointers, which I still happily use since the alternatives are so delicious. When you get a craving for something, just use one of the substitutes and you will feel just as satisfied!

bad: chips and queso/ good: carrots and hummus or celery and guacamole
bad: fries/ good: sweet potato fries, baked
bad: breading/ good: chopped nuts or oats then baked, not fried
bad: potato chips/ good: sliced, pam sprayed and baked potatoes sprinkled with parmesan cheese
bad: milkshake/ good: skim milk, chocolate syrup (or strawberries or vanilla extract) and lots of ice blended
bad: frappuccino/ good: coffee, milk, ice, raw sugar and flavored syrup blended
bad: ice cream/ good: make you own with milk and agave or honey
bad: regular cakes/ good: make your own with coconut oil or apple sauce and high fiber flours
bad: candy bars/ good: homemade granola bars or peanut butter and honey on banana
bad: peanut butter with oils/ good: peanut butter with nothing else but peanuts!!
bad: cranberry vodka/ good: club soda, vodka, and a splash of cranberry
bad: sweet tea/ better: half sweet half un-sweet tea

Let me know what you're cravings are and I will come up with something to replace it with! Oh, and remember if you don't indulge heavily, you are okay sticking with the same thing. In my experience however, I would get a bowl of ice cream every time I craved it, which was 3 times per week. Back then I had to replace them with protein shakes so that I wouldn't over indulge. Same thing with chips... remember these small handfuls of things add up. You eat 1 handful of chips, which can be 300 calories once a day for 10 days, you've gained almost a pound or more!!


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