Thursday, January 20, 2011

Asahi, breath of fresh Korean air :)

Ahhhhhhh, relief. The worst part about Korean food is that everything seems to be made with soy sauce or hot pepper paste or tashida or bean paste, all of which contain wheat. I wanted to take my mom out, and her favorite food is Korean. We went to mine and Jake's favorite Korean restaurant down the street, Asahi. This place is funny because its name is Asahi Restaurant and Sushi Bar, so one would think it's a Japanese restaurant and sushi bar. Quite the contrary! Anyway, I would normally just order the tubu kimchi without soy sauce. As I was ordering however, Kimberly the waitress, informed me that she can make anything at the restaurant with Gluten Free soy sauce if need be, and that nothing is made with tashida! Oh my goodness, you can imagine my excitement. I had her give me another few minutes seeing as I can now actually have a choice as to what I wanted to eat. I have been craving my favorite Korean dish, JJampong, which is super spicy and made with lots of seafood, and had her use Japchae noodles instead of the regular handmade noodles. Japchae noodles are great because they are usually made with Sweet Potato starch. This was soo good! I can now go to the restaurant whenever I want and get whatever I want with whatever I want in it without the fear of getting sick later. I don't know if Kimberly knows this, I think she does, but she totally made my night. I have always suggested to anyone who wants good Korean food to go to Asahi, but now I am even more enthusiastic about how wonderful it is. No artificial ingredients and very gluten friendly!

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