Monday, January 24, 2011

home made noodles AND mandu (dumpling) skins + filling

The one thing I really miss is mandu. Mandu are Korean dumplings, basically wontons or whatever you want to call them. The only reason I can't have them is because the wrappers are made of wheat flour. My grandmother used to make all of our noodles homemade, so my mom and I decided to make our own noodles AND mandu skins.

The noodle/mandu skin mix:
4.5 cups GF all purpose flour
1.5 cups cold water

Use a fork or masher to mix the water into the flour 1/2 cup by 1/2 cup so that you don't get the mix too wet. Once you knead it enough, get it into a ball and place on cutting board. Knead it more and add flour if you need to if it's too wet. It needs to be kind of dry to where it is cracking off.

If you want to make noodles you would flatten it out to about an 1/8 inch thick then fold it over in halfs and cut it width-wise, shake flour over it, and freeze them until you need them.

If you are making the skins, you would roll it out into a long bratwurst shape and cut off 1 inch pieces. Flatten each piece into a very thin, round paper. (Make sure you do this right before you put the mix into the papers).

The Mandu Mix
3 Tofu Squares, fresh from tub at market and squeezed very dry
10 cups kimchi, chopped and drained well (after drained, it will be less than 10 cups)
8 oz cooked japchae noodles, cut (noodles are important to absorb excess moisture)
2 eggs
3 T sesame oil
1/4 cup red pepper powder
1 T black pepper
^^ Mix everything together in a large bowl.

Place a tablespoon full of mix into the center of the circular, flattened-out dough. Dip one finger into water and wet the outer edge of the skin. Fold up a side of the dough and seal it to the other half and press. Set aside until all are complete. When ready to steam, place over simmering water and cook until dumpling is heated, about 10 minutes. If you add meat to this dish, make sure to cook it for about 20 minutes. If you don't cook these immediately, put them in the freezer in a sealed plastic bag and you can pull them out and steam them easily.

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