Tuesday, January 18, 2011

just do it! but you gotta know when to just stop.

I haven't been posting any workouts late, I know, sorry. I got so excited that I can push myself hard again, that I pushed myself a little beyond my current limits. I get so frustrated with people who say they can't do something, when they really are just scared to push themselves. I wouldn't push anyone to do something they can't do, not including myself. I push myself past that limit pretty often, more so recently since my boundary has been closed in just a little and I haven't given it time to expand. You have to know when you need to rest. I did a ton of squats on Friday, rode, kickboxed and did hot yoga on Saturday which made me really sore that night. I woke up the next morning and couldn't say no to a run with this fluffy Panda and pet-sitting, so I took her out for a run on very sore legs, for 45 minutes. Toward the end of the day, I couldn't pick my left leg off the ground when I was walking, and going up an down stairs in my house was just out of the question. The next day at work I felt really foolish when I couldn't even get around work very easily and was in more pain than the day before. I was talked into seeing a doctor by a co-worker, and thankfully I took the advice.

If anyone hasn't heard my theory on doctors, you're in for a treat, well, not really. Just imagine the most negative thing you could hear anyone say. Then think of chiropractors and take it down that many more notches. I pride myself in actually HELPING people to get better, not worse. My money comes from people who succeed, who get healthier, who learn what their problems are and tackle them. However, my experiences with doctors shows me that they make tons of money off of keeping patients down, from the medications they can prescribe to patients whether they will actually help or not. Clients come to me all the time talking about how their chiropractor told them they could die if they took another step or their disc is going to explode if they twist even in the least... yeah I got the same spiel a couple years ago and I did some stretching and saw a good doctor and I'm all good now. Sure that chiropractor made a bit of money off of me, but never will I see them again and I learned a great lesson from it. Anyway, my point is that you have to know what you're doing, know when to keep going, know when to rest, and know which doctor to go to. My all-time favorite doctor is Dr. Joseph Marcil at SportsMED who does sports rehab, chiropractic, and hyperbaric oxygen. He's awesome and will never diagnose you with some crazy thing that doesn't exist nor try to keep cracking your back unnecessarily just to make you think he's doing something worth your money. I went there yesterday with a 2nd degree biceps femoris sprain and he did some massaging and whatnot, and I woke up today feeling much better. No worries, not working out anything but my chest and back today, but I do feel better.


  1. How do you like the hot yoga? Bikram right?

    My coworkers and I have been meaning to sign up for a class here in Austin and have yet to make it there. I love yoga but I'm such a n00b that all I have is what I've gotten out of magazine articles.

    I also want to stay in shape more and so I'm very glad to see that you post on your workouts! And we are both health conscious..on the same diet relatively, and so I hope I find more time to read more of your blogs.

    I also need to push myself more, but that's just in gettng myself to the gym. Once I'm there I'm definitely pushing my limits and feel better. But most days I'm so tired from my job that has me running around all the time that I never make it.
    So I've turned to yoga in the mornings. Because all I've got to do is pull out my mat! :)

  2. I LOVE hot yoga. I started doing it 2 times per week just recently. It's great for balance, and getting in the stretching that is definitely necessary. I basically started it to help my digestion and get rid of my stomach problems that were caused by Celiac... Now I'm addicted. However, it's very important to lift weights because as much as yoga will help with flexibility and all the other stuff, you need resistance exercise using weights to gain true strength and bone density, as well as rev your metabolism with muscle gains. I am super tired after work sometimes as well, so all I can get myself to do it yoga. So, I work out before work so that I can make sure to get it done, and it wakes me up better than coffee ever could. Try it and let me know what you think!

  3. Awesome! I definitely will let you know how it starts going for me. Thanks!