Tuesday, January 18, 2011

mom's fried fish and potatoes

My mom has this crazy cooking style, just like her strange accent, that shows how she's Korean but has lived in the South for several years. She makes some awesome, and I mean awesome fish. Since the grease is out, she fries some Korean sweet potatoes while she's at it, but before the fish is fried so the flavor isn't contaminated with fish.

3 Fish fillets, we used flounder
1.5 cups Gluten Free all purpose flour
about 1.5 cups of water (enough water to make the flour runny enough to drip from the whisk)
1 egg
crushed red pepper
garlic salt
sweet potatoes (sliced into thin rounds)
2 cups soybean oil (or any oil you can fry very hot)

Get oil hot, on high, then turn down to medium high. Mix flour, egg, and water until batter is just runny enough to drip. Dip potatoes into batter one at a time then place gently into oil. Flip after a few seconds and fry til golden. Place fried potatoes onto paper towel lined plate. Sprinkle salt, pepper, and garlic salt on fish fillets (remember to not use as much salt because of the garlic salt). Place fillets into batter then into frying pan. Allow to cook on each side until it's nice and golden. Place the fillets on paper towel lined plate. I like to eat this with brown rice and dip the sweet potatoes into a mixture of GF soy sauce, vinegar, red pepper, and sesame oil.

Eating fried food is not ALWAYS bad. As long as you fry the food at a very high temperature so it's not sitting there soaking it up, it isn't too bad for you. Yes, it would definitely be better to bake these, but come on, if you don't eat burgers and pizza once a week, then it's fine to fry your food once a week. If you would like to make this meal healthier, bake the fish first for a few minutes, then dip into batter and fry for a few minutes, that way it's almost cooked before it even enters the grease and will be sitting in the grease for less time. But really, one meal or less per week of something flash fried won't hurt too much :)

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