Thursday, January 13, 2011

no time? no problem.

I know that some people wonder how in the world I have the time to work out for so many hours a day. Well, it helps a ton that I work in the fitness industry, and even more so that I work in a studio where I have access to an entire room of equipment to myself without having to fight over anything. I work out between clients, after work, before work, I squeeze it in somewhere, because I know that I will feel so much better at the end of the day because of it.

You have no idea how often I hear clients and friends alike, complain about not having the time to exercise. How in the world do you not have time? Don't watch that tv show and exercise instead, or better yet, exercise while watching your must-see show. I have shows I like to watch too, and I just watch them the next day when they're available online or whenever I actually do have the time to sit down and do nothing. Also, wake up earlier! If you have to be at work around 8 AM, hello, you're not alone! Some of my co-workers and I are at work by 4:45 sometimes, and we all definitely find the time to exercise. If you go to work at 7, work out at 5! Or if you work at 5 AM and don't get off until 5 PM or have a long commute back and forth, then work out during your lunch break by going for a walk, climbing stairs, do some chair dips at your desk or squats or pushups! Or, I'm asked how I have the time to cook all my meals all the time. The trick to eating healthy, every 3 hours, is to prepare your meals in advance. On Sunday night, I prepare my meals for the week by grilling all of my meats or having my fridge stocked with all of my veggies that I pre-cut or my fruit that I pre-cut and my marinades and salad dressings already made.

Take today for instance. I have no time today. And by no time, I don't have 4 hours to work out. I have a 3 hour break which will be almost the only time I have today to eat a full meal and to exercise and run errands that I have been putting off. What in the world am I going to do? Easy, I've been pushing myself everyday all week so I won't feel bad about squeezing in a meer 45 minutes to run hills today. Everyone's got 30-45 minutes somewhere in their day, and as much as I hate working out in the middle of my day, I'm going to do it, because it's still time. Oh and the other thing, it frustrates me so much when I hear that you dont' have time. I heard a really great sermon, not sure who gave it, but it was said that by complaining that you don't have time, it's like saying that God made a mistake and isn't allowing you time in your day to do what you need to do. So think of it that way, and know that you have time, because you are given everything you need to have a good life, so you've got to do it for yourself and take advantage of every hour of the day. If you've got to wake up an hour earlier to exercise, go to sleep an hour earlier the night before and I promise you can get used to it after a while! No excuses. I'm tempted to miss a workout at times too, but I don't. The benefits far outweight the cost.

Just do it.


  1. "You make time for what you care about!" :)

  2. I love this. I'm going to work out tonight on that kind of inspiration! :)