Wednesday, January 26, 2011

get a dog and get moving!

I have never had a dog in my life, ever. My dad has had several, but I've just never cared for them much. I'm a cat person. I like that I never have to bathe my cat yet he always smells like a baby and can feed himself... he's the perfect busy/lazy person's pet.

A friend went out of town and I pet-sit for her. Panda, as you can see the reason behind the name, was the best remedy to get outside and enjoy the weather, however cold it was. Wow, when Jake and I have kids and they start to get lazy, I'm getting them a dog so they will have to get outside and get moving! I usually come home after work, take a nap before the gym, eat dinner, then go to sleep. Now, it's wake up extra early, take Panda for a walk, go to work, come home, take Panda for a long walk, go to the gym, eat dinner, and take Panda for her last walk. Oh man, I can't really remember the last time I took a walk. Not to mention, I did sprints with her in order to get her organs working so that I wouldn't have to be outside for long. I thought that would work, but it never really did... was a good thought anyway.

My point is, get a dog because you'll have to get moving. With a running partner, it's easy to say you've got a headache or you're tired or you haven't eaten yet. You're on your time even when you've got someone holding you accountable, because let's face it, you are your own boss whether or not you're trying to please someone else. With a dog, there are no excuses... you gotta go when she's gotta go!

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