Monday, January 17, 2011

samgyupsal (korean lettuce wraps)

One meal we can always count on having when everyone in the family is around, is samgyupsal. It's the korean sandwich, ultimately. Everything includes lettuce (red leaf or romaine), un-marinated meat which is normally fatty pork but I used beef because I can't stand pork, sauteed green onions, gochujang (korean hot paste), kimchi, and sesame sauce for dipping the meat, and of course, rice. On a piece of lettuce, a pinch of hot paste is placed, then a spoonful of rice, kimchi, meat dipped into the sesame sauce, and green onions. Then you wrap the lettuce up and shove the whole thing in your mouth without hesitation. The messier and the bigger your mouthful, the better :) Usually served along with the meal is soup or fish or squid or anything else you'd like to eat along with it. Whatever you want, goes!


  1. and it's delicious. I want that onion and sesame seed oil mix you made please

  2. For the green onion:
    2 bunches fat green onions, sliced diagonally
    1 T sesame oil
    1 tsp korean red pepper flakes

    mix all together, toss in skillet and count to 3 then remove to serving dish.