Thursday, January 27, 2011

oh to REALLY run again...

Since I hurt my foot back in August, I haven't exactly been running faithfully, or giving all I've got. Sure I've done some easy runs, but today is a new day. I'm getting back to it, without any excuses and Jake's back, so I've got to be able to run harder than him.

Today will be a tempo run, which is the workout of the day I will really be focusing on. It will consist of 45 minutes of tempo running: 15 minutes easy, 30 minutes at (10 miler)race pace, and 15 minutes easy. Oh, and this run will definitely be completed outside, because it's not supposed to freeze or rain today, yay!

A few hours before the tempo run, I'll work on my legs and back since I haven't worked my legs since a couple weeks ago before I sprained my hamstring. After the tempo run is our team's first dodgeball game and I'm super excited that I finally get to play! In Elementary school, I was always that super non-athletic girl that none of the boys wanted on their team :D Go Fitness Together!

Running is the best medicine, and I am going to load up on it, starting today! (And it doesn't hurt my motivation level knowing I've got the 14k in a couple weekends followed by the Flying Pirate half a few weekends after that...)

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