Monday, January 24, 2011

spring rolls

As I have previously mentioned, my parents had a tough time getting me to eat vegetables. Mom made these spring rolls and I still make them in order to force myself to eat more veggies. They're fresh, healthy, and absolutely delicious. I feel proud of myself as if I'm eating a salad because they're just that healthy (healthier than restaurant salads for sure), but you'd never know it.

Vietnamese Rice Paper wrappers
romaine lettuce or spinach
shrimp (or turkey or chicken...)
cucumbers, sliced into long skinny slivers
fuji apples, sliced like cucumbers
carrots, sliced like apples and cucumbers
jalapenos sliced thin as well
green bell peppers
whatever else you want in it (bean sprouts...)
sriracha hot sauce (I put this on the side for people to use as they please)

Steam rice paper wrapper in skillet filled with water, one at a time and fill immediately after steaming. Put whatever you want in each wrapper and roll it up into a burrito.

Be careful with the hot sauce because this is what happens when you put too much on a roll. He's (my brother-in-law had sweat running down his head like I've never seen before :D

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