Wednesday, January 19, 2011

workin' it hard on the arms

Let me just say, I work with some really talented trainers at Fitness Together, and one of them challenged me with a GVT workout yesterday, so I used the technique on my chest and back and could barely drive or lift my arms in front of me last night. It's such a great workout, I decided I'm going to use it again today for my shoulders, triceps, and biceps. German Volume Training is normally used for people who are trying to gain size and strength, so I am mixing it up a little for myself, simply trying to tone and stay strong. Yesterday my leg was still bothering me so I didn't do any cardio in between, however the intensity of the weights itself was enough to keep my heart pumping. Today I will be working my shoulders and arms with 2 exercises each part, and :30 of "rest" between each set, which will be medicine ball twists or knees to elbows, changing it up for each exercise. Later on I'm going to test my leg out in a spin class since I still can't run, then take my mom with me to a hot yoga class. I'm pretty stoked about the workout(s) today!

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